Loka is a Sanskrit word that translates to “world, realm, or dimension, seen or unseen”. Inspired by Mother earth herself, the blends are named after the inspiring cities of this beautiful world.

Our flavours are artisan crafted so that the essence of the city is captured in each  blend, for your enjoyment.  An upscale smoking experience for those whose taste has taste.


Our Story

Vivian Tu and Martinique Nitzani. We are holistic health practitioners and travelers. Since health is our primary point of interest, and enjoyment is the second, we have been rolling and smoking our own blends for some years. Experimenting with different recipes and learning how each flower, herb and spice affects our perceptions, moods and overall consciousness.
Friends and strangers loved it, we were sending friends home with pre-rolled blends, especially those who have been wanting to kick their cigarette habit.  So just like that, Loka Blends had its organic beginnings. Martinique is currently finishing her last year in school for alternative and complimentary medicine and Vivian is a traditional Chinese medicine therapy practitioner with an emphasis in herbal shamanism.